Our Gardens


Permaculture Practices

We have been developing gardens throughout our property for over 5 years.  We strive to implement permaculture practices in many of our garden installations to help sustain reliable food sources into the future.  We grow numerous fruit trees, perennial herbs, cultivated and wild crafted mushrooms, and much more!


Beautiful Vegetable Gardens

We grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs on our 5.5 acre property.  Everything we do is organic!  We make our own compost and worm castings to help us grow nutrient rich veggies!  We focus on building great soil, which allows the plants to flourish!


Some of our Favorites...

One of our favorite things to grow is garlic!  Along with the garlic, we grow a lot of herbs to help keep us healthy throughout the year!  We love to ferment and experiment with different recipes using the variety of foods we grow!