About Us

What is Freehand?


Freehand Custom Carvings is a family run international sculpture gallery and studio located in Northwest New Jersey.

Brett McLain is the head artist and has been sculpting wood for over 20 years.   We started Freehand to create an artist collective that brings together the best carvers in the industry.  The inspiration and creative flow that results from carvers working together is amazing to experience.  

We have built and continue to grow our business on the principles of consciousness and empowering individuals.  We believe that empowerment is the way of the future and we love to help cultivate it.

We absolutely love to travel and connect with different people all over the world.  We have traveled many times to Europe (Denmark, Netherlands, Scotland,  Germany, and England) participating in numerous sculpture symposiums.  Our goal is to create art all over the world and to be a part of something bigger than we are!

Our Gardens


We are passionate gardeners as well as permacultural  enthusiasts.  Our studio is located on 5.5 acres, which we have  installed numerous gardens throughout.  

We use biodynamic, permaculture, and hugelkultur practices throughout our property.  We have a variety of fruit trees, perennial herbs, cultivated & wild crafted mushrooms and much more.  

We also grow a variety of heirloom, organic vegetables in our numerous veggie gardens.

In addition, we produce our own mineral rich compost using a variety of herbs, alpaca manure, and yard / kitchen waste. We also have our own worm casting production. 

We host wwoofers a few times throughout the year.  We've had many volunteers from the USA, and a few international ones we well.  This has always been a great learning experience and a wonderful cultural exchange as well!

International Sculpture Gallery


Freehand Custom Carvings is an international sculpture gallery that hosts numerous sculptors throughout the year. These sculptors are our friends, who inspire and help us grow.  They come from Germany, England, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, and of course all over the USA.  

Our guest carvers create and showcase their work here in our studio.   It is a wonderful experience to connect with people from other cultures.  We strive to create a fun, inspiring environment for these artists to work in. 

All of the sculptors hosted here are world renowned.  We are a source of some of the best wood sculptures around!